Welcome to Lazy Susan Pottery

I hope that you enjoy this site and the handmade pottery that I have to show you.lazy

This pottery is made to amuse and to be used. I make several different styles of pots You will find bowls, platters, dip pots, bread trays and clocks. The inspiration for these pots came from years of failed attempts to find "that" recipe which was clipped out and tucked away with lots of other delicious sounding recipes. Now, I have put "that" recipe on bowls and casseroles.

In the Spring, I participate in Art-A-Whirl sponsored by NEMAA and in the fall, I participate in Open Casket, an annual show in the Casket Arts Building and the Holiday Marketplace event which also takes place at Casket Arts.

I do hope your recipe pot will make you smile and inspire you in the kitchen.

Thank you and have fun! Lazy Susan